Twas the night before baking, and all through the house….

Hermanita is all poofed up and ready for baking!





How cool that I got an iPad this summer (Thanks Gale!) and it fits so nicely on my cookbook holder – makes it easy to see the recipe because I am one of those folks who double and quadruple checks ingredients and instructions – and still often manages to get something wrong.  Tonight is step one for baking, we add honey, milk, and a bunch of flour, and stir just to get the flour moistened.



Then Hermanita the Bread Dough rests all night, and rises, and tomorrow is baking day!

Night Night, HermanitaDough (wait, what is Spanish word for dough?….) Google says Buenas Noches, HermanitaMasa ! 

I’m quite excited, when I was getting out the clean towel to cover up HermanitaMasa for the night, I found my linen cloth for rolling out dough, and rolling pin cover – never used, but got them a few years ago!  Now I’m all set for a morning of baking, and then eating, my very own sourdough english muffins!