I’ve been hoping to find a good deal on one of these:

This weekend I finally found one on Facebook group page, Orlando Yard Sale.

Over the years I’ve sold or given away almost all of my albums collected from the age of 12 to about 25, when I switched to the new and exciting media called CDs!  I’ve kept a handful of albums around that had special meaning, or that would be impossible to find in digital format – mostly early punk, but some bluegrass, and a few odds and ends including my first musical love, Elton John (the early years – Empty Sky).

I haven’t had a turntable in forever, so I’ve just been schlepping them from house to house, unwilling to let them go.  Now I can convert them to MP3 format and FINALLY listen again to the songs I’ve only been able to hear in my mind, or in my sadly horrible singing voice.  (Which does work better for punk than for bluegrass at least).

This is the collection*, soon to be available in digital format. Let me know if you want me to make you a mix tape! 





* Collection includes:

  • The Decline of western civilization (soundtrack)
  • This is Boston, Not L.A. (compilation of Boston bands)
  • The The, Infected
  • Guadalcanal Diary, Jamboree
  • Slash, The Early Sessions (Slash Records compilation)
  • Killing Joke, Brighter Than A Thousand Suns
  • Exposed II, A Cheap Peek at Today’s Provocative New Rock
  • The Screaming Blue Messiahs, Bikini Red
  • Jerry Harrison (of Talking Heads), Casual Gods (not my fave, but he signed it for me!)
  • Elton John, Empty Sky
  • John Prine, Prime Prine
  • Larry Groce & the Currence Brothers (signed to my mom, we met him one summer in the 70s)
  • Larry Groce, Wheat Lies Low (again signed to my mom)
  • and embarrassingly, and not sure why I have it – Cockrobin