So before I went to bed last night, I checked and Hermanita was bubbling away in happiness with his flour/water feed! I set him in a bowl in case he overflowed:






This morning I got all ready for his feeding by putting him in a big bowl – the jar was not going to cut it!


I am using filtered water, from our amazing water filter, because our water has a LOT of chlorine in it – it smells like a swimming pool – and I don’t want to sterilize Hermanita! (You can get a water filter like this from the nicest man who makes them at home for a reasonable cost – at )



I’m feeding equal measures of water and flour (unbleached all-purpose) by WEIGHT, because flour volume varies a lot depending on how much air is in it.





Hermanita must have been really hungry, and he’s very active, because he started bubbling away as soon as I stirred him! 




Finally, I loosely covered him with NON-PVC plastic wrap, which we have only found at Whole Foods. (btw, we use non-pvc shower curtains, too) 


Happy Hermanita should be ready for baking this weekend!