A couple of days ago, I was chatting online with my sourdough guru, Travis of the Jungle, and told him about my twice a day feeding schedule, and how active Hermanita was. He asked me when it was I planned to bake.  Sometimes a well-placed question brings enlightenment, even if it’s a small kind of enlightenment.

So…I told him that I hoped to bake on Friday, but more likely Saturday. He suggested that I may not want to boost Hermanita up so quickly then, with the double feedings.  I took his advice and cut back to once a day.  Hermanita seemed to take the change in stride. Here’s a BEFORE feeding pick, he gets nice and smooth overnight.





After feeding, he starts bubbling away like crazy. It’s amazing to me to think how fast that yeast starts eating and releasing gas – I love that it’s a bit of science to go along with a bit of baking.

Can you see all the bubbles?







Tonight (Friday) I start part one of the English Muffin recipe – taking a cup of starter and adding honey, flour and milk. It will rise overnight, and then the real fun begins! I’m using this recipe, which we used in the jungle: http://www.sourdoughhome.com/englishmuffins.html

I’ve read things all over the web, and this site seems to be the easiest to comprehend, the most common-sensical (is that a word?), and well, just my style as far as understanding goes. I also ordered the pdf eBook they have for sale, it’s FULL of great info. Even though they give away all the information and recipes for free, I like having it in one place on my computer, and I like supporting them.

Can’t wait to show you some awesome english muffins tomorrow!